Smith River, CA 8/4/2006
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The Smith River Recreational Area in Northern California is one of our all-time favorite places to stay.  Not only is there a beautiful river, but the amazing Redwoods are there, and the climate is mild. Itís paradise!

This trip, we stayed at Panther Flats, a small, but very nice campground.  We picked up a flyer which showed a number of nature hikes in the area, and chose several short hikes which offered insight into the history and biology of the area, in addition to good opportunities to see some beautiful things.  Weíve included pictures of some of those things here.

All within a few short miles are a number of small spots, each offering a unique experience.  The Myrtle Creek Trail, Darlingtonia Trail, Stony Creek Trail, Forks of the Smith River (The Point), Patrick Creek, Gasquet Toll Road and Stout Grove are each wonderful places on their own, but you really should see them all.

After spending several days on the road, enjoying our new camping lifestyle, Travis and I have come to a very obvious conclusion.  This is much better than being at work.  This is an incredible insight.  Incredible not because itís rare, but because itís so true, and yet no one takes it seriously.  It was here, surrounded by the Redwoods, next to the Smith River that we decided that this is something we want to do more often- a lot more often- like ďfind a way to quit our jobs and do this all the timeĒ more often.  This seems like one of my crazy ideas- but Travis?  Perhaps my dear husband isnít as practical as I always thought. Or maybe, heís smarter than most.