Bend, OR 10/7/06
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     Bend is such a great place!  Itís on our short list of possible places to live someday. I think itís on a lot of peopleís list- so weíll see. Itís got snow in the winter, heat in the summer, and lots of things to do. We really like Bend- and luckily there is a campground right near Sunriver, so weíre set!

     We went in October, when itís starting to get chilly. We began to realize on this trip how tough it might be to camp in the pop-up trailer when itís really cold. The heater was cranked up and running pretty often. Still, we could see our breath in the morning when we got up. This trip was all about enjoying fall, though, from the chilly, frosty mornings to the crisp, sunny afternoons and cold, clear evenings.

     Thereís really not much to tell about this trip. We relaxed, took long drives, and took pictures. Actually, we did buy a new camera while we were in Bend- so we took more pictures than usual. This helps explain the tomatoes. We drove to Sunriver and to see the river and the horses, and on our way to Sisters for an autumn festival, we stopped and took pictures of Three Fingered Jack and the Sisters mountains. In Sisters we had the best pizza at a place called Papandrea's. All in all, not one of our more exciting trips, but as always when visiting Bend, we left much more relaxed and at peace then when we arrived.

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