Seaside, OR 10/28/06
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     Seaside. Our first trip in the rain. Wed camped in the rain plenty of times- unintentionally, of course. Those were dreary days- slogging through mud, sleeping in a wet tent, damp sleeping bags, soggy pillows. A smoky, drowning fire the only thing to keep us warm. This was much better- the pop up trailer did well keeping us warm and dry. Still, we knew when we got home wed need to set up on a sunny day to dry everything out. As our discussions of lengthy travel became more serious, so did our ideas of buying something larger and 4 season friendly. For this trip, though, which turned out to be our last in the pop-up, we enjoyed ourselves.

     Seaside has lots to see and do. We went to town and looked at the shops, we stopped at the outlet mall, and drove to Fort Stevens to take the dogs swimming at the Peter Iredale. The Seaside campground itself has a nice little pond that you can take boats out on. Of course, this time of year the boats arent very tempting, so we walked around and took some pictures.

     We took our time packing up and getting home that last day- holding out hope that the sun might come out and dry everything up, but it never happened. Turns out, we never had a really sunny dry day before we sold the trailer. Its a tough little trailer though, Im sure its doing just fine.