Pacific City, OR 12/1/06



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Back at Pacific City, this time to try out the Getaway Cabins. We get a free week, once a year to stay at one of the cabins. We didn’t have a whole week that we wanted to spend at Pacific City, but thought a weekend would be nice.

We typically spend a weekend in Lincoln City (about 30 minutes from Pacific City) in November each year. We have a routine- staying at D’ Sands hotel, we get some beer, a pizza and we’re ready to settle in, start the fire, watch the ocean, and let our worries just slip away. To trade our regular weekend for the cabin was a risk, but we thought it would be good to save some money and try something new.

The cabins are extremely cute. They’re neat, and new, and smell like cedar. The walls and ceilings are polished wood. There’s a little living room with a gas fireplace and cable TV, a small kitchen, little bedroom and a loft upstairs with two twin beds (well, twin mattresses, anyway). The cabins are at the top of the campground, and a large window provides a view of the trees below, and the ocean in the distance. The décor was what you might expect to see in a little log cabin in the woods- plaid upholstery, fishing related pictures and objects, rag rugs on the floor. Unlike an old, well worn cabin, however, it wasn’t all that comfortable. It was kind of like walking into a show room featuring a cabin interior- the fishing tackle box was empty, the bookshelf held no books, and the loft held no evidence of the messy, roughhousing kids that would have fit right in there. The couch and bed didn’t seem to have been intended for any kind of extended stay. We put our pillows on the couch to make it more comfortable to sit on. The bed was a bit more comfortable, but the heater, which kicked off and on all night, woke us up with its noisy clanking and whirring. The second night, we slept in the loft to avoid the heater.

While there, we drove down into the little town in Pacific City to check it out. It was a really cold day, but there were still a lot of people out in the water, surfing and kayaking. Now that’s dedication to a sport! North of Pacific City, is a scenic area- Three Capes. It’s a beautiful area, with hiking trails, and day use areas. We made plans to explore this area more thoroughly in the spring and summer.

We had taken an extra day off from work so that we could enjoy a long stay at the cabin. In the end, though, we opted to leave early. We might try the cabin again next year, but I doubt we’ll be trading our Lincoln City trip for it again. Here are some pictures from this trip.