Las Vegas, NV 11/27/07 Pt 2: The Strip & Around Town
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Las Vegas- or “Lost Wages” as every single airline stewardess in need of a new joke has called it since the beginning of manned flight- is a big place. We didn’t realize how big until we started driving around the city. We’ve been here several times, but never actually left the allure of the really sparkly places- The Strip and Fremont Street. In a car you can see much more, and indeed there’s a great deal that we didn’t get a chance to see. We did take some time to visit our favorite spots here, though, and checked out some new things.

The Strip- it’s a seduction thing. You can’t come here and not go there. The bright shiny lights, the huge buildings, fascinating facades and brilliant displays, the exciting ding ding ding of the slot machines, the delicious slushy drinks, the interesting people, and more slushy drinks- calling, calling, calling you… spend your money, have a good time, don’t worry, just one more dollar and you’re sure to hit the jackpot, have fun, give us your cash and have another slushy drink.

Yes, we had a couple of slushy drinks, okay 3 or four, but that’s money that didn’t go into a slot machine. We never spend much gambling, so no problems there. Our big splurge was to see Stomp Out Loud at the new Planet Hollywood. It was a really great show, and greatly inspires your musical side. They should sell drumsticks in the gift shop- they would sell out after each show.

The Liberace Museum- apparently there are a lot of people who LOVE Liberace- no really, they LOVE him. Like fanatically LOVE him. Case in point- there was a wall at the museum, about 15 feet long, 8 feet high, that was full of pictures of Liberace and his life. There was a lady there who was taking a close up picture of every single photograph on that wall- one by one by one. Now that’s devotion. His museum, unfortunately we thought, doesn’t cover much about his music. It’s really more about the flamboyant objects he collected and costumes he wore. One thing is for sure- this guy decided he was going to be flamboyant, and he didn’t mess around with just mixed stripes and plaids- he did it the way it should be done.

The Atomic Testing Museum- fun or freaky? The museum covers the history of atomic energy, early testing of bombs in Nevada and the Pacific, and current practices in regard to testing and storing of atomic bombs. One of the most interesting exhibits was a simulation of an atomic test. You enter a bunker like room and sit on wooden benches, much like those used at the old atomic testing site in Nevada. They do a countdown and at the end you see the flash of bright light, hear the bomb go off, see the mushroom cloud and feel the wind from the blast. All simulated of course, and pretty low key, but it gives you some idea of how intense it would have been for the people who experienced it. They say the people who experienced it felt the bomb may be a necessary evil, but that we should do everything in our power never, ever to use it. We left this one a wee bit depressed. Slushy drink, anyone?