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Who is Travis?
    I've officially been in the electronics industry since 1993, but have been interested in electronics for as long as I can remember, and computers since seeing my first in ~1980 (a Commodore PET). I've spent most of my career working for Intel Corp, doing what I love. I've had the opportunity to do environmental test, wireless, fiber optic, and many automated test solutions.
    I enjoy working with microcontrollers, sensors/interfaces, designing printed circuit boards, writing code, you name it!  Recently I've been headed in a new, more independent direction, we'll see where life takes me next...

    What started as an experiment to see if I could interact with an Arduino over the web became the genesis for "Remote Reality".  I have lots of ideas for this project, imagine a room with remote control cars, robots, lights, and cameras.  One day perhaps, but for now it's a web controlled robotic arm and some lights. :)
    Orbduino Links:
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        History: How Orbduino has evolved from a programmable glowing Orb

        Facebook Group: Keep up on the latest Orbduino related information.

    I found myself in need of a datalogger solution for a couple of my projects, so I decided to design my own. This was my first design outside of a corporate environment using free tools and owning it all from start to finish (schem, layout, assy, and software). For details, se the the ArduinoLogger project page.

Slider Pot I/O Board
    Another capability I needed in multiple projects: a simple I/O board that could provide some analog values (slider pots), switches, indicators, and a photoresistor just for fun ;)  I just finished the design and it's out for fabrication, check back for details and a project page.

Motor Controller Board
    I have been asked by several Orbduino users about how they can control their own robotic arm. I made a custom motor driver board for the original project, which wasn't easily reproduced. So a dedicated motor controller printed circuit board made sense.  This one is also out for fabrication, but should be available in February.

Talking Clock
    This project actually started in the mid-1990s as a PC based talking clock. I recorded Heather saying the numbers needed and wrote code to order the audio files to "say" the correct time. Fast forward 15 years and I recreated the project using a microcontroller and an MP3 player. I was even able to use the original voice files. :)

Many more that I need to spend some time documenting: MAME Machine, Burble, RFID, File utilities, Graphical utilities...