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About Heather

I am a freelance writer, adventurer, captain of industry, forever-aspiring artist and secret disco dancer. 

I am a wife, daughter, granddaughter, sister, friend, and a mother to a cat named Sid.

I am a cup half-full, live life to the fullest, follow your passions, dream-following Pollyanna.

I am a people-loving, karaoke-singing, loves to have fun but not as young as I used to be, creator of my own life.

I am an awed by others, wish I could could paint, wish I could play an instrument, oh well maybe someday, inspired fool.  

I am a devil on one shoulder, angel on the other, mostly happy but sometimes sad, try to do the right thing but don't always get it right, doer of the best I can.  

I am an outgoing but shy, friendly but scared, lover not a fighter, giver of compassion.

I am a free-thinking, peace-loving, tree-hugging, people-hugging, just listen to your heart and follow the right path, believer of what my heart tells me. 

I am a smarty-pants, make myself crazy, don't kid yourself kid, overly-ambitious but I know I can do it anyway, seeker of all that life has to offer.

I am a full of hope, know we can do this thing, trying to meet my potential and hope you do too, master of my own destiny.

I am fellow traveler, also looking for love and happiness, smiling and bestowing my best wishes, someone who is very happy to know you.