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Of course, my interests aren't all about writing!  I wanted to share some favorite links to a few other great passions.

Favorite Links


Thousand Trails  Campground memberships aren't for everyone - but if you're a regular RVer, and you're in the right area, you might want to check this out!

RV Park Reviews If you're an RVer, you may already be using this site to find all the good spots, if not I think you'll like it!

Things To Do  Places to see and things to do in each state.

Roadside America  A guide to offbeat tourist attractions in every state.

Reading and Books

Goodreads  Let other people see what you're reading.  See what your friends are reading.  See what other people thought of books before you buy them.

Project Gutenberg  This site offers free e-books (mainly classics) that are available for free download.

Literature.org  Another place to find free classics on-line.

Live, Love, Fun

Too much stuff to keep up with on the web?  Do you use a feed reader yet?  It helps TREMENDOUSLY.  Really - a busy person can't do without it!.

Cute Overload  If you need a quick mood-brightener, take a look at this site.  I swear it works every time, and nobody even needs to know.

Dumb Little Man  Interesting articles that present tips for life.

Dream Moods Have a weird dream?  This site has loads of information on dream interpretation.

Indexed  A funny, graphical representation of life's craziness.

Mind Tools  Tools, tips and techniques for leadership, problem solving, planning, etc, etc, etc

Writing (just couldn't leave it alone)

The good thing about being in the writing market is that there is a ton of information about it out there on the web.  Why?  Because the people who do it, well, they're writers!

Writer's Market  Where and how to sell what you write.

Writing.com  Writing community.  Read others' work, have others read yours.

Daily Writing Tips  Great tips and reminders for anyone who doesn't already know everything about grammar, punctuation and just the English language in general.

The Well-Fed Writer  One of my favorite authors on the subject of freelance writing!